There are occasions when users have their crypto assets stored in multiple E-wallets over various crypto exchange platforms and they require those assets to buy, sell, or exchange them for other cryptocurrency/fiat assets. BuyUcoin provides its users with the ability to access, transfer, and deposit their crypto assets from other E-wallets into the BuyUcoin E-wallet.

  • From the Dashboard, use the pop-up menu on the left and click on ‘wallet’. 

  • The ‘wallet’ section contains a list of the cryptocurrencies that BuyUcoin hosts on its platform along with its availability. Click on the ‘deposit’ button in front of your choice of cryptocurrency.

  • Before depositing, make sure to read the ‘important information’ section. 

  • Copy the wallet address (available under the QR code)  from where you are withdrawing your assets and paste it in the wallet address section.

  • After the procedure is complete, your wallet will be credited with the amount that is deposited.