How to secure my account details?

Modified on Wed, 12 Jan 2022 at 12:44 PM

With the increase in the number of users on crypto exchanges, hackers are on the lookout to make targets and steal user’s data and encryption.

We at BuyUCoin have strong layers of security but as users, you should also ensure steps to stay secure in this digital world. 

  1. We have designed our password algorithm so that every user must create a solid password, including one uppercase letter, one special character, and one digit mandatorily.

  1. Implement Multi-factor Authentication (2FA) which requires one or more extra steps to verify your identity before logging into an account is an easy-to-implement hacker repellent.

  1. Even if they have your username and password, entering this information will lead them to a secondary screen requesting the next factor — which can include anything from a fingerprint to an SMS text message or email code. Since those are things only you have access to, they will be stopped in their tracks. 

  1. Never share your login credentials with anyone. 

  1. Avoid engaging with spam emails and text messages which claim to be BuyUCoin. We never ask our users for their passwords.

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